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A rational solution for routine radiography combines easiness to operate the systems, ergonomic design and reliability even during the intensive use, high diagnostic image quality.

The unique design of digital radiography systems with а mobile table makes is possible to perform examinations without unnecessary movements of the patient implementing even the most complex views/positions. The detector and the X-ray tube assembly move freely around the patient, allowing them to stay in a comfortable position, which is particularly important for nonmobile and injured patients. The systems are fitted out with a mobile patient table, which can be used as a trolley for patient transportation. All these features significantly facilitate the work of a radiology technician, lowers the staff exertion, saves time for performing an examination, and increases the X-ray room throughput.


Mobility and multifunctionality

  • Possibility to realize all required patient’s views/positions (in the upright, the sitting, and the supine position)

  • Free movement of a detector and X-ray tube assembly around a patient
  • Mobile patient table
  • Implementation of complex views/positions
  • Performing examination of the extremities directly on the detector surface, without the need to position the patient on the table
  • Performing examinations in a lateral position on a mobile patient table

Easiness, simplicity, and user-friendliness

  • Ergonomic control system

  • Built-in electronic X-ray positioning guide app
  • Multilingual interface
  • Motorized stand movement
  • Small dimensions and the minimum occupied area
  • The left-side or the right-side position of the tube stand
  • Rapid and easy preparation for an examination
  • High X-ray room throughput

High diagnostic image quality

  • State-of-the-art digital imaging system

  • Automated program filters for image processing
  • High spatial resolution
  • Maximum possible size of the detector active area
  • State-of-the-art analysis of examination findings

Safety and low exposure dose

  • Highly sensitive X-ray detector

  • APR programs for patients of different ages and body-build
  • Automatic exposure control (AEC)
  • Special collision protection sensors

Reliability and durability

  • Simple system design to minimize the probability of damages

  • Simple and reliable controls
  • The generator uses up-to-date knowledge in the field of voltage stabilization and protection against voltage fluctuations and power surges.

Basic configuration *


High voltage generator (HVG)

  • from 30 kW; from 50 kW; from 70 kW

Digital detector

  • Flat panel detector

Automated workstations (AWS)

  • Unified technician’ and radiologist’s AWS (a workstation combining the system control functions and functions of work with examination findings)


  • Operator’s workstation for system control (radiology technician’s AWS)
  • Workstation for the work with examination findings (radiologist’s AWS)


  • medical monitors
  • medical printer
  • clinician’s workstations
  • operator’s workstations
  • PACS-server

Specialized software (SW) for radiology technicians and radiologists

  • Operating the patient and image databases
  • Specialized APR programs including that for pediatrics
  • Multimodality
  • Support of DICOM 3.0 standard
  • Image postprocessing
  • X-ray dosimetry  
  • Color X-ray technology

Mobile patient tables

  • A light mobile patient table
  • Mobile patient table with elevated and floating table top

Specialized appliances for patient positioning

  • X-ray transparent step
  • Positioning systems of children of various age groups

Assembling the system taking into account peculiarities of the room

  • Assembling the stand both on the right and the left side
  • The base rail can be assembled at the floor level or higher depending on peculiarities of the room

X-ray radiation protective equipment for patients and staff

  • X-ray protective clothes for the medical staff
  • Personal protection equipment for patients
  • X-ray protective windows of different sizes

* The “Basic configurations” section includes the information only on the most demanded configurations; the general list is significantly wider. Any configuration and technical parameters can be changed by the manufacturer’s initiative or at the customer’s request.

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