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This service allows generating additional expert medical conclusions basing on the examinations performed and prepared protocols.

Firstly, all examinations are assessed and described by a radiologist. After making up the primary opinion, the examination findings may be sent for coordination to an additional expert who shall confirm or supplement the primary radiologist’s opinion.

Remote descriptions and consultations 

The service makes it possible to perform remote consultations and generate opinions based on the examination findings from the time of generation of a request for a consultation with the attachment of the required patient’s medical data, planning and routing of the request to generation of consultation results.

Remote consultations are particularly relevant for regions with poor transport accessibility, deficiency of qualified staff if it is necessary to send the patient’s data for consultation to the healthcare facility of the higher level or consult another expert doctor.

Equipment loading factor analysis and control

The possibility to track, plan and redistribute patient flows to diagnostic examinations; planning maintenance, repair and replacement of the equipment.

The possibility to collect, view and analyze the equipment data. Generation of statistical reports using adjustable templates. Efficiency analysis of the use and loading of the high-technology diagnostic equipment.