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An automated workstation is designed for providing the work of specialists analyzing and describing the results of diagnostic examinations and, if necessary, clinicians who use diagnostic imaging findings to make clinical decisions.

The radiologist’s AWS can be configured as a “thick client” (a separate workstation) or as a “thin client” (based on the web client), via Web Viewer.

Software functions


  • The work with examinations from various modality equipment
  • Search for necessary medical information in open medical data storage sources
  • Viewing the patient and examination data
  • Viewing and analysis of images including CT, MRI, US, ECG, angiography
  • The work with examination protocols: generation, double reading, export, and other necessary actions
  • Generation of image hard copies (printing)
  • Preparation of medical discs for their handing-over to the patients (at request) and other participants of the clinical diagnostic process
  • Availability of different specialized clinical packages

Web Viewer benefits 


  • Installation at workstations is not required, which means low requirements for PC hardware
  • Interface adjustment for a specific user
  • Flexible search for information
  • The work with several examination sources
  • Obtaining medical data with diagnostic quality
  • Analysis and description of examinations