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Versatile X-ray diagnostic system meets the highest medical diagnostics requirements. Due to advanced technologies and automation of diagnostics, the highest level of comfort is achieved for both the patient and the staff, the maximum throughput of the room is ensured, and an unlimited range of X-ray examinations is implemented.

The motorized ceiling suspension of the X-ray tube assembly simplifies the access of medical staff to the patient and frees up space for its free positioning. The high level of automation of stand movements allows you to reduce the preparation time for the study and increase the flow of patients with guaranteed diagnostic quality.

The use of both fixed and mobile flat panel detectors in combination with an advanced stand design gives extraordinary flexibility when conducting any X-ray diagnostic studies. It becomes possible to perform examinations on a mobile table and a wheelchair. An expert level of diagnosis of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system is provided, including spine, skull, limbs and other anatomical areas.

The design of the system provides the possibility of full remote control of all functions of the device and its digital system from the control room, also provides maximum radiation protection of medical staff.  


Easiness, simplicity, and user-friendliness
  • Fully remote control of all system functions and digital system from the control room 
  • Ergonomic control system 
  • X-ray tube assembly automatic positioning

Mobility and multifunctionality
  • Motorized ceiling suspension of the X-ray tube provides free access to the patient 
  • Automated stand movement 
  • The ability to make images on a stationary patient table, on a mobile table, on a wheelchair 
  • Any imaging modes - fluoroscopy, radiography, linear tomography, tomosynthesis, double energy, stitching

High diagnostic image quality
  • State-of-the-art digital imaging system 
  • Automated program filters for automatic image processing 
  • High spatial resolution and speed of fluoroscopy 
  • Maximum possible size of the detector active area 
  • State-of-the-art analysis of examination findings

Safety and low exposure dose
  • Highly sensitive X-ray detector
  • Possibility to perform X-ray examination without a grid 
  • Wide APR program range for patients of various age and body build 
  • Automatic exposure control (AEC)
  • Possibility to perform fluoroscopy examinations not exposing the staff to radiation

Reliability and durability
  • Two reliable fixed digital detectors
  • Elaborated and reliable stand design 
  • The generator uses up-to-date knowledge in the field of voltage stabilization and protection against power surges

Basic configuration *

High voltage generator (HVG)
  • от 50 kW
  • от 65 kW

Flat panel detector for fluoroscopy and radiography
  • Dynamic flat panel detector 
  • Fixed flat panel detector 
  • Mobile flat panel detector

Fixed patient table
  • Bucky table 
  • Mobile patient table with elevated and floating tabletop

Mobile patient table 
  • Light mobile patient table 
  • Mobile table with floating table top

Specialized appliances for patient positioning
  • Removable footrest 
  • Shoulder-rests 
  • Compression belt 
  • Removable handles for the patient 
  • X-ray transparent step 
  • Positioning systems of children of various age groups 
  • Stand for stitching (obtaining panoramic images)

Automated workstation (AWS)
  • Operator’s workstation for system control (radiology technician‘s AWS) 
  • Workstation for the work with examination findings (radiologist’s AWS) 
Additionally: medical monitors, medical printer, clinician’s workstations, operator’s workstations, PACS server

Mobile patient table 
  • Operating the patient and image databases 
  • Specialized APR programs including those for pediatrics 
  • Multimodality 
  • Support of DICOM 3.0 standard 
  • Image postprocessing 
  • X-ray dosimetry 
  • Color X-ray technology

X-ray radiation protective equipment for patients and staff
  • X-ray protective clothes for the medical staff 
  • Personal protective equipment for patients 
  • X-ray protective windows of different sizes
* The “Basic configurations” section includes the information only on the most demanded configurations; the general list is significantly wider. Any configuration and technical parameters can be changed by the manufacturer’s initiative or at the customer’s request.

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